Type: Event
Date: Tue, 2011/04/26 – 6:30pm
Price: entrance free
Duration: 1h40


are pleased to invite you to the launch of the FRENCH CINE CLUB which will screen films once a month at Maquinez Palace, Panjim, Goa.

The first viewing of the film Jean de la Fontaine  will be held on April, 26th , 2011 at 6.30p.m in  honour of Indian French Teachers attending a National Conference in Goa.

Entrance free on first come first serve basis.

Contact 0832-2420049 during office hours or e-mail alliance-fr@hotmail.com

Jean de La Fontaine, le défi
Director : Daniel Vigne
Actors : Lorant Deutsch, Philippe Torreton, Sara Forestier, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, …
Runtime : 1H40


Paris resounds with a thousand noises on this morning of September 5, 1661. Fouquet, the powerful superintendent, is arrested by order of Colbert, and young King Louis XIV takes the throne. While other artists, renouncing their friendship, rush to pay court to the new monarch, a man stands up to affirm his support for the fallen superintendent. He is the poet Jean de la Fontaine.

The “Good Man” will be the last to remain faithful to his former patron, and will save him from a planned death. The king then gives Colbert the task of making La Fontaine yield. He cannot forgive La Fontaine for being the only artist in the land to place his art above the monarch.

From then on, even when living in poverty, La Fontaine will never abandon his convictions. Without money, without resources, he resists, amuses himself, pirouettes, invents the “Fables,” and provocative pamphlets against a despotic and decadent regime. La Fontaine – Colbert: a confrontation that will endure until death.

This is the first homage in film to the most popular of French authors; a modern fable about freedom of expression and the ties between art and power.