French is a language of professional opportunities

Businesses that set up French classes for their employees are gaining not only a competitive edge in francophone markets, but also enhancing their business and travel experiences in French-speaking countries, improving their communication with clients and colleagues and fostering team building within the company!

The Alliance Française Panjim optimises the learning of language skills in a professional context. Our priority is to improve the oral and written skills of the trainees in order to guarantee their French integration in a daily professional environment. The benefits include:

  • An analysis of your requirements and objectives is made before the start of every course.
  • Customized classes adapted for specific professional situations.
  • Learn the technical vocabulary and industry specific lexicon unique to your sector.
  • Flexibility to pick your class as per your schedule and on your premises.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the work culture and corporate etiquette of your target market.
  • In addition, each corporate student receives access to our Digital Media Library – Culturethèque. It allows you to catch up on the latest editions of your favourite magazines, view concerts and shows, listen to lectures, read e-books and comics and take advantage of language-learning materials tailored to your needs.
  • Intercultural programmes.
  • Internationally recognised certification.

Furthermore, we will evaluate your progress at every stage to monitor your fluency.

For more information about our French language corporate courses and to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Please contact : [email protected]