To be admitted to the Alliance française de Panjim Adult Classes, the student must be at least 15 years of age.

Geographic location – Online course

The Alliances Françaises practice the rule of geographic non-competition.

To be admitted to the Alliance française de Panjim for online courses, the student must provide proof of address certifying that he resides in Uttar Pradesh or localities close-by

Otherwise, he must provide written authorization from the Alliance Française to which he is geographically attached authorizing the person to join the Alliance française de Panjim.

Sessions and courses

There are different course sessions during the year. The student must join one of the sessions when registration opens. Exceptionally, the Alliance Française may open additional classes after the start of a session, thus opening the right to new admissions.


Participation in courses offered by the Alliance française de Panjim requires payment of the following fees:

Membership fees

Every student must pay Rs. 620 as an annual adhesion to Alliance française Association.

Course fees

As presented in the promotional material of the Alliance française de Panjim (course brochures and website). They must be paid before the start of the course. Payment in instalment is possible but the entire course will be due and failure to pay the second instalment will result in legal action. To ensure their place in the chosen course, the student will have to make payment as quickly as possible. A prompt payment will ensure the student a place in the chosen course.

Books and exercise books

They are not included in the tuition fees or in the registration fees. Books will not be returned or exchanged except in the event of reimbursement for a course and after checking the condition of the books by the media librarian. They can be purchased from the Alliance Française media library in Panjim according to the fees indicated on the website. Should a student want to have the book delivred directly to her or his doorstep, a supplementary fee of Rs. 300 should be paid to Alliance française de Panjim.


Even if Alliance française offer the possibility to pay a level in several instalment at the beginning of every sublevel, the registrations are for the entire level and the fees for the entire level are due. As such, an engagement letter is to be filled at the moment of registration.


All non-beginner external students must undergo a placement test.

Regardless of the registration method chosen, non-beginner students must take an evaluation test online or on-site before the start of a course in consultation with the Director, in order to have a guaranteed place in the course and at the chosen time.

Former students of the Alliance française de Panjim

Students from the Alliance française de Panjim who return after six months of absence or more, must take a placement test.

Former students of another Alliance française

The same six months rule applies for the placement test. These former students of the network must provide a course certificate and an authorization from the Alliance Française in question stipulating that they can register with the Alliance française de Panjim.

The customer can register:

To be noted: Once a class group is complete, the registration form on the website disappears, indicating that it is no longer possible to join the course in question.

Online payment can be made:

Online by NEFT transfer, Net Banking or Google Pay.

On the spot – Alliance française of Panjim:

  1. Read these General Conditions of Registration (General terms of sale) and their appendices, and accept them by dating and signing the registration form;
  2. Pay the full tuition fees according to the payment methods provided.
  3. Return everything to the secretariat. The full tuition fees must be paid before the start of the course, which guarantees a place in the chosen course.

In case of late presentation, a place in the chosen course is no longer guaranteed.

Payment can be made:

On site by cash or check.


Cancellation and refund

Once paid course fees are non-refundable.

Class refund

In the event of a class refund, only students present and having signed the attendance sheet at the course office will be reimbursed in proportion to the number of hours.

To be noted: In the event of postponement or cancellation, the calculation of the course price per hour takes into account the actual number of hours of lessons followed strictly consecutively, minus the hours cancelled or postponed.

The written request, accompanied by supporting documents, must reach the Alliance française de Panjim no later than 15 days after the date of interruption of the courses. Any postponement or cancellation granted is non-refundable and non-transferable to the account of other students.


In the event of a late arrival to a course, a place cannot be guaranteed. A postponement for a later session of the same course will be proposed, subject to availability.

No change of pace and schedule can be accepted once the initially chosen course program has started. If, however, a change of pace was to take place, the credit would not be repaid.

Once started, exceptional changes of the course schedule can be demanded to the administration of Alliance française de Panjim. Such demands should be done at least 5 days in advance and are subject to the agreement of 75% of the course students and the availability of the Teacher.

The Alliance française de Panjim reserves the right:

  1. to cancel a course where the number of people is insufficient (minimum 6 people). In the event that another course of an equivalent level cannot be offered, all of the corresponding Tuition Fees will be reimbursed to the client.
  2. to modify, if necessary, the timetables and the timetable of the courses, subject to informing the Student and the Client in advance.
  3. to refuse access to a student if she or he has been absent for more than 10 hours during a course
  4.  to put the course on hold if some of the installments have not been received on time. The course should resume as soon as the amounts have been recovered.


Health, accident and civil liability insurance are the responsibility of the customer.


Any type of disrespectful or inconvenient behavior toward another student or teacher, whether it is physical or verbal, shall be sanctioned and will result in a definitive expel from Alliance française de Panjim. The remaining fees due to Alliance française de Panjim will have to be paid within a week after the eviction of the student is decided.

In the event of online classes, cameras and microphones should be on at all the times. Henceforth, courses should be taken in a peaceful environment for the well-being of the other students and teachers.

Should a student misses a class it is of its own responsibility to update him or herself by discussing the missed points with other students. Teachers are by no means forced to repeat their previous courses to help a student to catch up.

Upcoming absences from a student have to be notified to the teacher at least 3 hours in advance.


All the Courses in Alliance française de Panjim are organized given a repeated weekly schedule.

The student is required to attend classes diligently. A certificate of attendance will be issued on request if more than 80% of the classes have been attended.

A student who would not be attended classes repeatedly could see himself or herself expelled from the course.

Changes in the timetable are exceptionally possible and need to be demanded more than 72 hours in advance to the teacher and validated by the administration of Alliance française de Panjim.


There will be internal evaluations during the session. No special evaluation will be made for unjustified absence. For valid absence, the teachers need to be informed at least 72 hours in advance. Overall 50% marks are required to go to the next level.


In the event that the student breaches the internal regulations of the Alliance française de Panjim, which can be consulted at reception, the latter reserves the right to interrupt the training of the offending student, without reimbursement for lessons

Should a student fail to pay one or more of the remaining installments or payments, his or her name shall be inscribed on the Alliance française Blacklist, impeaching access to any further courses in the network of Alliance française in India or from programs organized by the French Embassy in India (such as Assistant de langue program or any other scholarship)