Cultural Events


Party girl by Marie Amachoukeli (2014, 1h36 min, feature film) Angélique is sixty years old. She still loves to party and she still loves men. At night, to earn a living, she gets them to drink in a nightclub on the German border. With passing time, clients have become few and far between. But Michel, her regular, is still in ... Read More »


Drawing Workshop “Animal Voices” for children (6 to 15 years old) with the children author Satomi Ichikawa! Mustafa’s foreign language teachers are nothing ordinary… What if a rooster taught you Hindi? From her book: Le Magasin de mon père             About Satomi Ichikawa Born in 1949 in Japan, Satomi Ichikawa moved to Paris one day, ... Read More »


Sital means cool in Bengali while Pati means mat. These mats are made from locally grown soft green cane slips split into fine strands lengthwise. Sitalpati is integrally linked with Bengali lifestyle. There are more than 4000 crafts persons in Ghughumari area of Cooch Behar district, who earn their livelihood from weaving Sitalpati. Widening the range, the craft persons today ... Read More »


Kantha for the Bengali folk means embroidered quilt made with layers of old clothes. The magical artwork using simple run stitch depicted vignettes of nature and daily life. The traditional form of Kantha embroidery was done with soft dhotis and saris, with a simple running stitch. When five to six layers of the cloth were embroidered together it formed a quilt. The ... Read More »


Maestro by Léa Fazer (2013, 1h25 minutes, ) Henri is a young actor who dreams of playing in Fast & Furious but who finds himself cast in a movie by the legendary independent filmmaker Cédric Rovère. Even if the conditions during the shoot aren’t quite what Henri expected, he is won over by the charms of his on-screen partner and ... Read More »


Planète glace Himalaya (Ice Planet: Himalaya : the permanent ice on the roof of the world) by Thierry Berrod (2014, 50 minutes, documentary) This series takes on a spectacular journey to some of the most beautiful glaciers of the Himalayas. Watch the trailer! Did you know? In 2015, France will be hosting and presiding the 21st Session of the Conference ... Read More »


Fedayi Pacha mixes dub with oriental sounds within the Bangarang collective. In his studio he mixes samples with invited musicians, computer and duduk (Armenian instrument) to sketch a musical landscape going from India to the Balkans. After a few remarked apparitions on compilations (Combat Dub II, French Dub System, I Dub You…), his first album “Dub works (in mysterious waves)’’ ... Read More »

Classical ballet workshop – Danse à la manière des rois

CLASSICAL BALLET “À LA MANIÈRE DES ROIS” In India there are 8 recognized Classical Dances, all of them having a devotional content – we know that at least some of them where done as offerings to the Gods inside the Temples or in Sacred Festivals.  In the Western World there is only an unique Classical Dance: Ballet.  It was born ... Read More »

LECTURE: André Malraux & India by Dr. Peter Tame

At an early age, André Malraux became interested in the East. He traveled there in 1920 and visited India for the first time between 1929 and 1931. He returned several times during his life. Occidental, he was influenced by Oriental thought. In 1926 he published The Temptation of the West, lyrical fictional correspondence between two men, Ling, a Chinese who travel in Europe ... Read More »

Tuesday’s movie buff’s rendez-vous

Mon âme par toi guérie (One of a kind) by François Dupeyron (2013, 2h03 minutes, drama) Frédi has the gift of healing hands, transmitted to him by his mother. He wants nothing to do with this ‘gift,’, but when his mother dies, he’s obliged to make use of it. Although he wonders where this ability came from, he can do ... Read More »