Hi people,
Alliance Francaise Panjim, Goa & THE LIVE MUSIC PROJECT (TLMP)presents
SUNDAY EASTER SPECIAL -APRIL 16th – 8.00 pm only
at The 248 Collective
FRENCH – CANADIAN BAND -The Summer Rebellion

Born of the roaring thunder and crashing lightning, The Summer Rebellion recalls the burning flames of yesteryear and heralds the coming storm, when the slaves will open their eyes and see the truth through the failing summer sun. With the cavernous voice of David Koczij and thunderous accordion of Arthur Bacon, The Summer Rebellion arouses strong emotions with their particular brand of wild carnival freak song. Step right up and witness the modern day harbingers of the message, the truth and the dirt beneath the fingernails of our everyday saints.

The Line Up
David Koczij – Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Arthur Bacon – Accordion


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The story:
After more than 120 concerts in 2 years, The Summer Rebellion is coming to India, Canada, the UK and Central Europe to prepare for the release of the next album in 2018.

“The Summer Rebellion is coming. It is not so common that music is measured via … the Richter Scale. Vavavoom! ”
Rémy Kolpa Kopoul , ConneXionneur.

Coming out of a den in which rock would have lost nothing of its animality and authentic savagery, The Summer Rebellion offers an improbable mix that rumbles, eructs and dynamites without complex the reference points of the listener!

Detracting modern comfort and ordinary heroes this cavernous voice distils eloquent metaphors, formulated on a raw and imposing spoken-sung mode. These post-modern lullabies have as a showcase the primitive rhythms of a surprisingly efficient drums and a tumultuous accordion that swallows and twirls, not without panache, on the borders of blues, pop and rock under the influence of electro. This crazy big band microphone is free of labels with energy and jubilant irreverence.

Contribution Rs 300/-
This amount will help us cover part costs of the bands travel + fees + sound + production.

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