DELF-DALF – Registration December 2022

DELF/DALF Examminations Registration

Opens on Nov2,2022. & Closes on Nov 12,2022.

Examination dates: from 12 to 17 December,2022.

DELF Tout Public 

December 2022 DELF A1 Mon 12th Dec. Registrations:

November 2nd to November 12th, 2022

DELF A2 Tue 13th Dec.
DELF B1 Wed 14th Dec.
DELF B2 Thu 15th Dec.
DALF C1 Fri 16th Dec.
DALF C2 Sat 17th Dec.

DELF Junior


December 2022

DELF A1 Fri 16th Dec. Registrations:

November 2nd to November 12th, 2022

DELF A2 Thu 15th Dec.
DELF B1 Wed 14th Dec.
DELF B2 Tue 13th Dec.


Block – E, Ramakant Apts, 1st Floor,
M G Road, Opp. Don Bosco H. Sec &
Oasis Petrol Pump,
Panjim, Goa -403001

Venue: AF Panjim – Goa

Telephone: +91 (0)832- 2420049
Contact email: [email protected]


Please go through all the guidelines highlighted below BEFORE registering for the DELF/DALF Exam! It is the candidate’s responsibility to go through them BEFORE they register. Failure to abide with even a single one of these rules will result in the candidate being declared as non-admissible i.e. they will NOT be allowed to appear for the exam and their DELF/DALF fees will NOT be refunded/transferred under any circumstances.



  • Alliance Française de Panjim, under the guidance of Alliance Française de Bombay, will be following the protocols outlined by the Central Government of India and the State Government of Goa for the exams. In case of a significant rise in Covid-19 cases OR an imposition of a Lockdown in Goa OR for any related reason (examination centre being closed etc.), Alliance Francaise de Bombay and Alliance Française de Panjim reserve the right to cancel the December 2022 DELF/DALF exams. In case the exams are cancelled, Alliance Française de Bombay will outline the procedure for refunding the amount paid by the registered candidates on its website. Any update regarding the December 2022 exams will be communicated to Alliance Française de Panjim (examination center). Neither Alliance Française de Bombay nor Alliance Française de Panjim will personally notify individual candidates about the same.
  • Any registered candidate who tests positive for Covid and hence CANNOT appear for the December 2022 exams is requested to immediately send an email to [email protected] (cc [email protected]) with a digital copy / photo / scan of the test report attached to the email.

Refunds: Kindly note that the DELF/DALF Examination Fees once paid will NOT be refunded or transferred under ANY circumstances.

Examination Schedule: Please note that candidates are NOT allowed to choose/change the time slot for the written/oral exam. The allocated time slot(s) for the written/oral examination have to be scrupulously respected under ALL circumstances. Candidates will NOT be allowed to appear for the examination at any slot apart from their allocated time. Failure to do so – including arriving late for the written/oral exam – will result in the candidate being declared non-admissible and their examination fees will NOT be refunded/transferred under ANY circumstances.

Examination Centre: For the November 2022 DELF/DALF Exams, the Examination Centre is Alliance Française Panjim.

Documents Needed: On the day of the exam, candidates are expected to carry ALL of the following items:

  1. their original (hard copy/physical document) National Photo Identity Card)
  2. their original (hard copy/physical document) of the DELF JUNIOR Examination Fee Receipt sent by Alliance Française de Bombay following online registration. Soft Copies/Digital Copies of the Fee Receipt will NOT be accepted.

Please note that candidates will NOT be allowed to appear for the DELF/DALF Examination if they forget to carry EVEN A SINGLE ONE of these documents. Any such candidates will be declared non-admissible and the examinations fees will NOT be refunded/transferred.

Rules and Regulations outlined by the Embassy of France in India for DELF-DALF Examinations


  • The DELF and DALF are national examinations.
  • A national uniform rate is applied to all the examination centres across the country.
  • The examinations calendar specifying all the exam sessions for the year is scheduled at the beginning of the year. This calendar is published on the French Institute’s website.
  • All examination centres are approved by the Embassy of France in India.
    The general conditions of this document apply to all candidates appearing for the DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue française), DELF Junior (DELF version junior), DELF Prim (DELF for primary school pupils) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) examinations, hereinafter referred to as DELF/DALF, at any of the examination centres officially approved by France Education Nationale in India (Complete list of centres available
    on this link).
    The DELF / DALF diplomas are given the same recognition as all official diplomas/degrees issued by the French Ministry of National Education and have lifelong validity.
    3.1. Any person wishing to enhance their French language skills may appear for DELF/DALF without any prerequisites.
    3.2. Appearing for DELF Junior is restricted to candidates aged between 11 to 17 years of age as on the day of the examination or in classes 6 to 12.
    3.3. Appearing for DELF Prim is strictly restricted to primary school students aged between 7 to 11 years old or in classes 3 to 5.
    3.5. The DELF/DALF are independent diplomas: it is not necessary to be the holder of the previous level diploma in order to appear for a higher level examination (eg: a candidate does not need to have DELF A1 to appear for the DELF A2).
    3.6. A candidate may appear for several examinations during the same session, but may not appear for two versions of the same level (e.g. a candidate can apply for DELF A1 and DELF A2 at the same time but NOT for DELF A2 and DELF Pro A2 at the same time).
    3.7. A candidate may appear for the same examination as many times as may be necessary for obtaining the desired diploma. However, they cannot appear for a diploma they already hold unless they surrender the already acquired diploma in a formal written letter duly submitted at least four months prior to the examination session (cf. process given below). A candidate who fares unsuccessfully in the second attempt shall lose the first diploma.
    4.1 The candidate must register online on the designated registration dates.
    4.2. If any candidate had registered for DELF/DALF during a previous session, they must indicate the candidate number that had been allotted to them, regardless of the examination centre.
    4.3. The registration fees for each diploma are fixed by the French Institute in India for all the examination centres in India for one calendar year. For information on the fees, please contact the examination centre of your choice.
    The DELF/DALF registration fees are neither refundable nor transferable.
    The candidate must produce a photo identity card (Passport / Aadhar Card / Voter ID / Driving Licence) at the beginning of each oral and written examination. The examination centre reserves the right to verify the identity of the candidate at any time during the different examination stages. The candidate will not be allowed into the examination hall without presenting an appropriate photo identity card.
    The examination timings are mentioned on the convocation provided to the candidate by the examination centre. Any candidate arriving late on the date of the DELF/DALF examinations shall be declared non-admissible and shall be refused entry to the examination halls. The candidates are required to be present outside the examination hall exactly 15 min before the start of the examination. The candidates will not be allowed to appear in the examination if
    they reach the examination centre after the start of the examination.
    Registration fees shall neither be refunded nor transferred.
    During the examination period, there must be no communication among candidates or between a student and an outsider by any means, such as phones. This rule applies to candidates in the examination hall and those on supervised breaks for visits to the bathroom.
    French Ministry of National Education barred various items for DELF/DALF examinations. These include but are not limited to electronic items such as phones, smartphones, Bluetooth, microphones, headphones.
    9.1. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is mandatory for the applicants to wear masks.
    9.2. If the temperature (< 37.4°C/99.4°F), candidates will have to undergo frisking by the staff on duty.
    9.3. If the temperature is (> 37.4°C/99.4°F), candidates will not be allowed to appear for the exam.
    Using unfair means during examinations constitutes an offence under the French Law of December 23, 1901, on the prevention of the use of unfair means in public examinations and competitions. Any candidate caught in the act of using unfair means or attempting to use unfair means shall be debarred from appearing for DELF/DALF examinations for 5 years.
    Once available, the results will be declared by each of the examination centres in accordance with their respective procedures. Detailed results will NOT be conveyed by telephone. The grades obtained by candidates in DELF/DALF examinations are confidential and CAN NOT be made public by the examination centre or conveyed to a third party.
    As DELF/DALF are State diplomas, the general rules and regulations of French examinations are applicable to them. Thus, the jury of examiners of the examination centre is sovereign (Conseil d’État – SEBAN – 29.07.83) and no review is allowed against decisions taken in application of this regulation.
    13.1. DELF/DALF certificates may be collected at the examination Centre once they are available. Requests for sending the attestation of success in examinations, DELF/DALF certificates or their copies by post or e-mail will NOT be entertained.
    13.2. If a candidate is unable to collect their DELF/DALF certificate in person, they may designate a person to do so through an authorisation letter which MUST include ALL of the following details:
     The Full Name and the Signature of the Candidate who appeared for the DELF or DALF along with their 12-Digit Candidate Number.
     The Session (Month and Year) of the DELF or DALF along with the level appeared for (A1, A2, … etc.)
     The Full Name and the Signature of the Person coming to collect the Certificates
     A photo identity card (Passport / Aadhar Card / Voter ID / Driving Licence) of the Person coming to collect the Certificates
     The ORIGINAL hard copy/printed copy of the DELF/DALF Exam fee receipt was sent by the examination centre following online registration.
    On the day of the DELF /DALF examination, the examination centre circulates a sheet with the candidates’ personal information as declared by them during registration (surname, given name(s), date and place of birth, nationality, etc.). By signing this sheet, the candidate attests to the accuracy of the given information. If a candidate detects any error on this sheet, they must immediately inform the examination centre. Any request for change after the day of the examination will attract a fee and delay the issue of the attestation of success and the DELF/DALF certificate.
    Any candidate desirous of re-appearing for the examination for a diploma they have already obtained must submit an official written request (in English or French) addressed to the President of the DELF/DALF National Jury. The letter must specify that the candidate is giving up the benefit of the diploma already obtained of their own free will and must enclose the original diploma for destruction. After due consideration of the request and in the event of a positive reply notified in writing by the competent authorities, the diploma will effectively be destroyed. Given the procedures involved, the request must reach the president of the DELF/DALF national jury at least three months prior to the examination session for which the candidate desires to appear. The candidate shall bear the diploma cancellation fees.
    The responsibility of the examination centre and its employees shall be limited to wilful misconduct or serious negligence. The centre shall NOT be responsible in any manner if whatsoever in the event that any examination is interrupted due to an act of God (natural calamities, fire, flood, war, administrative instructions independent of the Examination Centre etc.).
    17.1. The general conditions herein laid down are an integral part of the DELF/DALF registration form signed with the examination centre.
    17.2. These general conditions are subject to French law and any dispute arising from these shall be referred to the competent French authorities.

I agree with the rules and regulations outlined by the Embassy of France in India in order to take the DELF-DALF exam.

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