5.00 pm: Charlie’s Christmas by Jacques-Remy Girerd (0h26 minutes)

After a snowstorm, a small boy was found by a postman in the middle of a forest. He holds a curious small bell, shaken in the hand. The child, Charlie, grows in an orphanage with six other boys. He often confides in its small bell and tries to discover the mistery of its origins. A few days before Christmas, Charlie goes with the postman, his best friend.
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5.30 pm : Raining cats and frogs by Jacques Girerd (1h30)

A new Flood is drowning the Earth. A small heterogeneous band, led by Ferdinand (modern times’ Noah), succeed in defying the raging elements. Both humans and animals embark in a fantastic and whirling adventure… ‘Raining Cats and Frogs’ is a tumultuous fable based on the story of Noah’s Ark.
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07.00 pm : My mummy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill by MarcBoreal andThibaut Chatel (1h15) That pleasantly elongated title relates to a young lad’s absent mother and the letters he intermittently receives from her. Little Jean clearly yearns for the comforting clutch of maternal love. But with a father too involved in his working day to take much notice, Jean begins to resort to fantasy as a means of filling the void. Directors Merc Boreál and Thibaus Chatel’s simply animated film is based on Jean Regnaud and Emile Bravo’s acclaimed book of the same name.
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 3.00 pm : My little planet by Jacques-Rémy Girerd (44 minutes)

« My Little Planet » is a cartoon series conceived in collaboration with environmental specialists (ecologist, geologist, botanist, field biologist, teacher…). This educational animated program aims at kindling awarness among young children for whom the environment is a prime centre of interest. The little stories allow the discovery of many aspects of the environment, addressed positively and humourously in story form. They introduce young viewers to the natural and biological mysteries of our planet, each episode exploring an environmental theme as atmospheric pollution, solar energy, population growth or photosynthesis. 
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 4.00 pm : The king and the mockingbird by Paul Grimault (1h23)

The huge kingdom of Takicardia is ruled by a king under the unwieldy title of Charles V + III = VIII + VIII = XVI. He’s a heartless ruler, hated by his people as much as he hates them. The king is fond of hunting, but is unfortunately cross-eyed – not that anyone would dare acknowledge this in front of him, as the numerous statues and paintings that adorn the palace and the land show. Occasionally the king does hit his target though, notably the wife of the bird, known only as “l’Oiseau”, the narrator of the story who takes pleasure in taunting the terrible king at every opportunity.
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5.30 pm  : Aya de Yopougon by Marguerite Abouet, Clément Oubrerie (1h24)

Aya to Yopougon, is a working class neighbourhood in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Popularly referred to as Yop City, this is where Aya, her family and friends live.  It is the summer holidays, Bintou and Adjoua are bent on being the life and soul of every party taking place in town.
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