9782843311826FSAdvertising does not just recycle the story to ensure the promotion of consumer products; its own discourse is largely dependent on the vagaries of historical events.

The great figures of the history of France are often requested during the Belle Epoque, a kind of ideal Pantheon, when it comes to affirming the legitimacy of the Republic and to encourage patriotism. Building on the current political affairs, advertising posters do not hesitate to ridicule the great figures of this world, thus earning the goodwill of consumers. Jostled by the economic crisis and international tension, this good-vision of the history of France will disappear in the 1920’s, and as peace is restored in 1950 will not prompt to return to the past but to enjoy the pleasures the consumer society.

What is happening with these representations today? With the return to power of nationalism at European level as a result of the crisis and the increasing importance of memory, it is only tentatively, from the 1990’s, that national heroes reappear in advertising often through humour and diversion.




Old advertisements and posters always have a charm of its own. We love to have a look at these and remember the good old days.  Alliance Francaise has put together an exhibition called The History of France in advertising. The exhibition will put together composed of posters, ads from newspapers and labels of drinks and cheese.  The show will indeed be an interesting way to discover and understand the history of France through humoristic portraits of French heroes!

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