Type: Event
Location: Sunaparanta, Altinho, Panjim.
City: Panjim, Goa.
Date: Thu, 2012/02/23 – 6:30pm
Price: Free and open to all.
Category: Film screening
Duration: 1h33mn

The Alliance Francaise, Panjim and Sunaparanta are very pleased to present you the French film festival.

4 nights, 4 french movies.

Sunaparanta, Goa Centre of Art, Altinho, Panjim.

February 23-26, 2012, 6.30pm


For the first night, the movie will be : Les soeurs fachees by Alexandra Leclere (english subtitle).

Synopsis :

Louise, younger sister, natural and straightforward, lives in Province; Martine, older sister, beautiful and aloof, lives in the Parisian middle upper class. Louise has writtena novel. On monday she will go for an appointment with a Publisher in Paris, wich may changer her life. She comes to lives with Martine for three days. During three days, Louise and her obvious hapiness will experate Martine and set here life in glares